Yvonne Elliman: Food Of Love (Writer 1 Track) (1973)
Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell (Writer & Featured Vocalist) (1977)
Delta House Theme (Co-Writer, EP Promo Only) (1979)


A Small Circle Of Friends (Film Score, No Soundtrack Release) (1980)
Jim Steinman: Bad For Good (Writer, Lead Vocalist & Co-Producer) (1981)
Meat Loaf: Dead Ringer (Writer & Featured Vocalist) (1981)
Ian Hunter: All Of The Good Ones Are Taken (Vocal Arranger 1 Track) (1983)
Air Supply: Greatest Hits (Writer/Producer 1 Track) (1983)
Bonnie Tyler: Faster Than The Speed Of Night (Writer 2 Tracks & Producer) (1983)
Barry Manilow: Greatest Hits Volume II (Writer/Producer 1 Track) (1983)
Footloose: Soundtrack (Co-Writer/Producer 1 Track) (1984)
Streets Of Fire: Soundtrack (Writer/Producer 2 Tracks) (1984)
Billy Squier: Signs Of Life (Co-Producer) (1984)
Barbra Streisand: Emotion (Writer/Producer 1 Track) (1984)
Meat Loaf: Bad Attitude (Writer 2 Tracks) (1984)
The Wrestling Album (Writer/Producer 1 Track) (1985)
Iron Eagle: Soundtrack (Additional Producer 1 Track) (1986)
Bonnie Tyler: Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fire (Writer 4 Tracks & Producer) (1986)
The Sisters Of Mercy: Floodland (Producer 1 Track & Co-Producer 1 Track) (1987)
Pandora's Box: Original Sin (Writer, Producer & Featured Vocalist) (1989)
Rude Awakening: Soundtrack (Co-Writer/Producer 1 Track & Producer 1 Track) (1989)


The Sisters Of Mercy: Vision Thing (Co-Writer/Co-Producer 1 Track) (1990)
Iron Prostate: Bring Me The Head Of Jerry Garcia (Producer) (1992)
Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell (Writer, Producer & Featured Vocalist) (1993)
The Shadow: Soundtrack (Writer/Producer 1 Track) (1994)
Watershed: Twister (Executive Producer) (1995)
Bonnie Tyler: Free Spirit (Writer/Producer 2 Tracks) (1995)
Take That: Greatest Hits (Co-Producer 1 Track) (1996)
Celine Dion: Falling Into You (Writer/Producer 1 Track & Producer 2 Tracks) (1996)
Celine Dion: Let's Talk About Love (Additional Producer 1 Track) (1997)
Anastasia: Soundtrack (Producer 1 Track) (1997)
Tanz Der Vampire: Viennese Cast Recording Highlights (Composer & Producer) (1998)
Tanz Der Vampire: Viennese Cast Recording Complete (Composer & Producer) (1998)
The Mask Of Zorro: Soundtrack (Producer 1 Track) (1998)
Songs from Whistle Down The Wind (Lyricist & Producer/Co-Producer 4 Tracks) (1998)
The Very Best Of Meat Loaf (Featured Writer, Producer & Vocalist) (1998)
Whistle Down The Wind: Cast Recording (Lyricist) (1999)


Opera Babes: Beyond Imagination (Producer 1 Track) (2002)
Wuthering Heights: Soundtrack EP (Writer 4 Tracks & Producer) (2003)
The Confidence Man: Celebrity Recording (Music) (2003)
The Everly Brothers: The Mercury Studio Recordings (Writer/Producer 1 Track) (2005)
Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose (Writer 7 Tracks) (2006)


Tanz Der Vampire: Viennese Live Cast Recording Complete (Executive Producer) (2010)
Tanz Der Vampire: Flemish Live Cast Recording Highlights (Executive Producer) (2010)
Meat Loaf: Braver Than We Are (Writer & Executive Producer) (2016)


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